Build your own adventure a-la-KART from Rocky mountain tops to Utah's desert canyons

Explore the canyons of Lake Powell on a boat

Get to know the locals of historic charming mountain towns

Ride top rated trails and visit some of the best biking destinations in North America

Chill and reflect at alpine lakes

Camping made easy when you have a KickAss Kaptain

Enjoy warm summer nights around a campfire

Everyday you choose which way to go

Cabin in the sky; stay in places way off the beaten path

News & Updates

5,4,3,2,1, Spring is finally here!

Check out the proposed trips for 2015 on Create Your KART So many trails to hike and ride, festivals to enjoy, beers to sample, and campfires to warm up next to.

See y'all in 2015!

KickAss RoadTrips is designing new trips for 2015! Check them out on the Create Your KART page and grab your seat before it's too late.


KickAss RoadTrips are not tours!!! They are personalized road trips between Las Vegas and Denver that are created and designed by You. Forget frantic itineraries and overbooked, compromised agendas—your KART will be YOUR personalized adventure with the flexibility and customization that allows total freedom. Every trip is unique and different, and KART will make sure that you will have the right gear, tools, equipment, and knowledge handy to accompany you on your journey into the American Southwest.

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