About KART

What is KART?

KickAss RoadTrips are not tours!!! They are personalized road trips between Las Vegas and Denver that are created and designed by You. Forget frantic itineraries and overbooked, compromised agendas—your KART will be your personalized adventure with the flexibility and customization that allows total freedom. Every trip is unique and different, and KART will make sure that you will have the right gear, tools, equipment, and knowledge handy to accompany you on your journey into the American Southwest.


KART gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do, allowing greater flexibility and resulting in more FUN! Instead of signing up for a tour where you’re locked into a fixed itinerary designed by the tour company, KART gives you OPTIONS. From hiking, mountain biking, climbing, fishing, and rafting, to sipping on beers and dancing in the mountains beneath the stars at a festival, with KART, you will certainly go off the beaten path, and you will definitely go off-road. Instead of herding on large tour buses, you will travel in small groups limited to six people in a luxury SUV. You will be enjoying high-quality, delicious meals to keep you happy and nourished. You will sleep under the stars in raised cots, or in secret cabins in the wilderness—always utilizing top-of-the-line camping equipment to leave you well rested for the exciting day ahead.

KART's Mission

In essence, KART’s MISSION is to provide you with ALL the components necessary to make up a “kick ass” trip—to accommodate your inner travel bug and pave the way for your made-to-order, unforgettable outdoor adventure. On your KART you will NOT be a tourist. You will experience the region as a local. We want you to not just see and learn about, but actually participate in all the amazing places, activities, and events, from the mountains to the desert, in the wind and water, sand and trees, all in a way that is decided by the adventurer/client, and not the company/guide. This is NOT a trip for ordinary travelers looking to take in the sights; this IS a trip for those fit to enjoy the pain and pleasure of the outdoors, who revel from a day of mountain biking, and the sense of accomplishment when reaching the top of a mountain—who enjoy campfire beers, outdoor showers, wakeboarding in desert lakes, and dancing in the sunshine.

Where is KART?

KART travels between Las Vegas and Denver — from Rocky Mountain tops to red high deserts, to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! There's a lot of exciting stuff between these two great cities. Check out the map and get started on designing your next great adventure. See the detailed map here.

How to KART

Via an "a-la-KART" method, you select the places you want to see and the activities you want to do. Simply take a look at our map, scroll over the colorful dots and see what fancies you. Then select the places you'd like to visit, along with the proposed activities you’d like to accomplish, and/or festivals you’d like to attend. When you're finished, submit your wish list to KART, and we will get back to you ASAP with a proposed itinerary, or what we call a "KARTlist." *NOTE: the proposed itinerary is just that—proposed. It can change on Day 1 or Day 6 depending on weather conditions and spontaneous (and agreed upon) destination modifications. Either way, KART will try its best to accomplish everything on your KARTlist.


Three delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) cooked at Kamp are provided daily, as well as snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. KART will cover a percentage* of meals bought outside of Kamp.


Each person on KART shares a top of the line Marmot 3 season 4-man tent with one other participant. We have oversized cots, real size pillows and North Face sleeping bags providing off-the-ground comforts in the outdoors.


Kick-ass Kar is a comfortable and spacious 7-seater SUV. There are 752 highway miles between Las Vegas and Denver. KART will cover 1000 miles*. *Typically. Might vary based on trip duration.


We want to get you moving and having a good time! KART is equipped with recreational gear including a SUP board, one-man kayak, a 4-man raft and an array of outdoor games. Mountain biking, hiking, climbing, boating, surfing, kayaking, rafting and fishing are just some of the activities you might do!

Who is KART?

Meet your KickAss Captain, ERIC, a savvy, experienced world traveler with a passion for Southwestern travel and resourceful exploration, who will be right alongside of you to help you with whatever you need along the way. With almost a decade of experience living in the Western Slope and exploring the American Southwest, living the mountain lifestyle and working in the service and travel industry, Eric has cultivated extensive knowledge to aid you on your self-designed, self-guided KART. As a restaurant manager and cook at top-notch hotels and restaurants, he is an expert in food preparation, and as an experienced guide, he has learned the importance of planning, timeliness, communication and safety precautions (see his resume for an up-to-date list of his training skills and certifications). But remember — Eric is not a tour guide. He is someone who will feed you, drive you, motivate you, inspire you, and help you plan out your next bike ride or river float. He will be there with a cold one and a smile at the end of the day. As a fellow traveler, outdoor enthusiast, athlete, team leader, manager, chef, music-lover, and trained tour guide, Eric is the ultimate LIVING RESOURCE to turn your road trip into a true adventure. He is your fellow adventurer here to help you have a good time. *Note: if you have any personal questions or concerns about Eric's experience and qualifications, or any other questions about KART, please don't hesitate to contact Eric directly on the Contact page.

How Much?

We try to keep the pricing as simple as possible; $200/day/person gets you all the necessities:
  • Three delicious daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) cooked at the Kamp*
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transportation**
  • Shelter at Kamp***
  • Fun!****
Ask for a quote by submitting your ideal KARTlist on Create your KART page. We will never charge you before the KART plan is mutually agreed. See also our FAQ for more information.
* KART Kaptain Eric cooks for every taste and can accommodate special dietary requests. KART will cover a percentage of meals outside Kamp, if the group e.g. decides to eat out. ** 1000 gas miles are covered on KARTs between 5-10days. Additional mileage will be charged to adventurers. *** KART has top quality Marmot 3 season 4-man tents that you will share with one other participant. We provide oversized cots providing off-the-ground comforts, full size pillows and North Face sleeping bags. If a non-KART accommodation option is chosen, KART will cover $20/person/night. **** Paid activities and gear rentals will be an added charge but KART Kaptain will always help you get the best deal.