Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

Is each trip limited to 6 people? If not, what is the maximum number of people that can attend an excursion? And the minimum?
No, there’s no actual limit but it’s gonna be tricky. If there are more than 6, someone else will have to drive and come up with additional camping accessories e.i. tent, sleeping bags, chairs. Also, more is not always merrier! It is more difficult to find campgrounds, tickets, agree on activities. Simply, logistically, 6 is the magic number.

The minimum number of people for these trips is 4. If less than 4 sign up, they will need pay for the other seat to reach the minimum. If money is an issue, I’m open to negotiation.

If I am visiting the U.S. by myself, or with just one other person, and want to go on a KART, how do you choose the participants for each trip? Do we choose our desired destinations and then have to compromise?
You do not choose the participants but rather a trip you’d like to participate in. If there’s a trip being planned on the calendar that you fancy, KART will do its best fulfill your wishlist as well. If this means you’ll have to compromise something, than that will be so, but KART will do all it can to match up the right people with the same requirements.
Does Eric travel with us the whole time?
Of course, what’s a journey without its Kaptain? Unless, you don’t need him and want to separate for a while and take a side trip. You are then your own Kaptain and free to roam and come back when you please. Eric will make sure you are prepared.
What if my partner and I want to go off on our own little day excursion without the rest of the group?
This may and will probably happen a lot and that’s the whole point. There will be times when you’re alone on a hike or a ride but you’ll always have Eric nearby incase something goes wrong via phone, walkie-talkies. We plan your route, set up the meetup time at the end of the day.
Is there any type of insurance involved? What if something happens to one of us and we have to get to a hospital?
You are responsible for your personal insurance. Search and rescue insurance can be purchased upon arrival to Colorado and Utah. This will save you, and your wallet if you fall deep into a canyon (worst case scenario – we do not want this to happen ever!). If you are covered by your employer’s insurance, check if it covers you also on your free time – sometimes the coverage is surprisingly good! KAR, our vehicle, has passenger insurance.