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How It Works

Below is your KART playground. Look at the map and scroll over the different color dots, which represent featured destinations, activities, and festivals that will help you plan out your KART. You can also open the map to a new window by clicking the icon on the top right corner. Keep track of the places you want to visit with your KARTlist on the right. Submit your KARTlist and Eric, your KART Kaptain, will contact you directly after reviewing your ideal itinerary.

For inspiration and to help you get started, take a look at our Proposed KARTs. To get started click open the map directory in the top left corner of the map!

Featured Destinations

KART has chosen to list some of the most scenic places on the PLANET, let alone the most scenic landscapes in the American Southwest, in the form of National and State Parks, as well as recreational Areas. There are also featured towns and cities, which offer unique histories and real Western charm. From historical museums to microbreweries, main street shops, concert halls, and a few secret spots along the way, you’ll get to live the lifestyle of a local down to the nitty gritty!

Featured Festivals

We believe that summer was created for MUSIC festivals! And that music sounds best in mountain air. With the warm air brings countless music, art, food, wine, brewing, and countless other festivals held right in the very places featured on your KART! Don’t fret about the extra logistics involved in planning for a festival stop—KART will take care of the tickets, pack the cooler, set up the tarp, and make it easy as pie for you to enjoy the show!

Featured Activities

KART’s motto is “Work hard, play harder.” By “work” we mean biking a dirt trail, or climbing a mountain, and by “play” we mean paddle-boarding down the Green River, or leisurely golfing along the way. No matter the fitness level, we believe there’s plenty of work and play for everyone! From downhill bike parks to shuttle service to the top of Monarch Pass, to a full-day, twenty-five mile ride on the Kokapelli Trail, we will make sure your trip fits your experience and fitness level, match safety with adventure, and set you up for a kick-ass time!!!